Television show host and MC, Adu Safoawaah has revealed the reason behind her friend, Moesha Budoung’s repentance.


A friend of the repented Moesha, Adu Safoawaa has disclosed that her friend went through what’s not expected in her life. She revealed in a post on her Instagram page that Moesha Budoung met a business mugul and had something to do with him.


According to Adu Safoawaa, Moesha came across a business tycoon, who is not human. But had something to do with him, which means she had sexual intercourse with the nonhuman.

She told people not to play blame games because none is a virgin. And everyone has dirty secret. The man exchanged her soul with death but Jesus said no and saved her.

Moreover, she asked people close to Moesha Budoung to be attentive and monitor her movement. And pleaded with everyone to pray for her.