Show Me Some Respect, I Wrote Most Of Your Hit Songs – Angry Kuami Eugene Tells MzVee

Kuami Eugene Tells Mzvee To Show him respect.

Lynx entertainment signed singer and songwriter, Kuami Eugene has said he helped write his former label mate, Mzvee in most of her hit songs hence she should show him appreciation.

Kuami Eugene had come to say he wrote the majority of the popular songs Mzvee is known for when she was with Lynx Entertainment.

Generously, Eugene has ordered that Mzvee respect his name and express gratitude for the assistance he has provided her during her career.

The singer was reacting to a recent interview in which Mzvee made a jab at him. Mzvee previously stated that comparing Kuami Eugene to herself is inappropriate.

As a solo artist with no label, to her, she does everything by herself. She asserted, however, that at Lynx Entertainment, everything is taken care of for kuami Eugene.

As a result, Mzvee claims that comparing their wits is “grossly disrespectful” given their respective resources.

Mzvee’s words were cited in an interview with Zionfelix, which irritated Kuami Eugene.

Eugene explained that while Mzvee was on the label, he wrote a lot of songs for her. He claimed writing singles for Mzvee such as ‘Come and See My Moda,’ ‘Daavi,’ and others.

Kuami Eugene stated that he has done a great deal for Mzvee and that he sincerely hopes she appreciates what he has achieved for her.

Eugene stated that he values Mzvee’s contribution to his career while she was with Lynx, and all he wants in response is that she values what he did for her in the past.



Source: thefiifi.com