At this point, everyone is sick and tired of Ayisha Modi’s noise on social media.

Ayisha Modi, a woman whose claim to fame as die-hard big fan of Stonebwoy. Has made herself so ubiquitous on social media in the past few weeks.

That everyone wants to mute her already.

After taking it upon herself to fight Moesha Buduong’s battles on social media,. She probably enjoyed the attention she got and is doing the most at this point.

The self-styled “industry police” went on a one-woman campaign against Prophet Gabby Ibe of The Revelation Church International.

She accused him of kidnapping Moesha Buduong’s right after videos of her acting like a abnormal went viral.

The Church issued a press statement refuting the allegations Ayisha Modi grounded against the head past. Since she has been noisy on social media over things as trivial. And cringe-worthy as a birthday message from Bobrisky.

Today the Stonebwoy’s fan decided to come for the wife of Okyeame Kwame. And suddenly everyone feels like Ayisha Modi needs to shut up already.

According to Ayisha, Okyeame Kwame’s wife Annica did something wicked to her thirteen years ago. And now is when she has found her voice to talk about it. Here’s what she wrote after posting a screenshot of Annica begging her for money in 2010.

Tag her and tell her to say Fi) it’s will over them. 1 out of 10 if u are a woman fool. What u all did to me 13 years ago , u guys took advantage over my kind heart and disgraced me on top of it.  How many ppl will load someone they don’t know or haven’t met this amount of money 13 years ago 🥲🥲😭😭😭. @yvonne.empress was the only soul, when I mean only , only soul that stood and fought for me, sister God has vindicate me Ayisha Modi wai. God bless u, papa. @yvonne.empress tell them what I went tru 13 years ago. It’s well”

Well, she didn’t get the support she desired as she has been asked in the comments to go to court if she indeed has a case. One particularly annoyed went as far as calling her an ignorant old woman who needs to stay off social media.”

Here’s the post that broke the Instagram camel’s back for Ayisha Modi’s followers: