Social media has come to give rise to positivity and negativity in people’s living.

It can make and unmake one, it has become a spot where a lot of things happen. Many use it for business and benefiting aspects while others also utilize they’re showing off flashy lifestyle, both fake and real.

Social Media has brought both positive and negative impacts and has become part of living. Where most people use certain reasons to making money. And also show off their pretentious life.

Through a pretentious lifestyle on social media, one may think his partner is not a responsible person and cannot make a good relationship.

Well, one guy has said that social media can compel a lady to believe that her boyfriend is not doing much for her. And if care is not taken, guys will chop her always till she learns sense.

Social Media will make you think your boyfriend is not much for you and they will eat you saa till you learn sense”.

This post from this guy was screenshot and  shared on Twitter by Posigee who agrees with the guy.