One of the business gurus in Mfantseman, Isaac Oboafo who also doubles as an artiste manager (Kark Music Group). Has observed that some of the central region’s top artistes feel neglected.

When corporate entities, entertainment players and media personalities focus on pushing upcoming Artists. He disclosed this when speaking with one of the best entertainment panellists in the Central region.

Oboafo said this about how top artists win CMA every year though they are not even qualified to win based on the yearly review yet,.   They get offended when new artists are called to perform at certain shows.

Oboafo explained, “new artistes are also human and they deserve support. Also, everyone has their time to hit so if you have gained recognition to a point. And the corporate entities are supporting upcoming artists, there’s no need to feel neglected.”

According to Oboafo, corporate entities and other entertainment bodies in the Central region. Are trying to push these new artistes because they feel they are better than so-called breakthrough artists. He used Kumasi boys as an example thus, the public has supported the new artists with the support of big artists.