Prominent Ghanaian dancehall musician, Livingston Etse Setekla, famed Stonebwoy is making the release of the remix of his biggest reggae song “Run Go”. Alpha Blondy or any reggae legend.

The president of Bhim Nation is global and most enduring. Ghanaian singer and songwriter Stonebwoy ratified the surest of the remixing of his substantial “Run Go” song.

As it has become a major request by many for the remix of the song, Stonebwoy has conceded to remix it.

He revealed the emerging of the “Run Go” remix when a die-hard female fan humbly requested for the song to be remixed.

She tweeted: Hello music Gad @stonebwoyb , when are u giving us a remix of 🎶 Run Go – ? We need Alpha Blondy or any Raggae Legend featured on it…

– A Humble request from ur die-hard fan 🙏🏿

Stonebwoy replied: Thanks it’s shall be done

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