Entertainment journalist and pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has applauded Stonebwoy for calling off his UK show that clashes with Wizkid’s O2 show.

He notes that Stonebwoy cannot compete with Wizkid the United States base on the strength of the two artistes in UK.

In a discussion on the United Showbiz, which Abeiku Santana was the host, he asked, if Stonebwoy calling off his show in the UK was necessary.

He said, its Stonebwoy being reasonable, Somebody may say that I’m being disrespectful when i compare the two. But let’s analyse the weight of the two, especially in UK. Wizkid has played in UK, he’s big in Uk.

He furthered by saying Wizkid’s show has been sold out in all two days and the second date is likely to be sold out. So if you’re an artiste, you should weigh your strength. And me I applaud him for actually understanding and coming to the realisation that I cannot compete with Wizkid for the same people. That will come to my show, those are people who will go to Wizkid’s show.

So base on their strengths, base on Wizkid’s exploit on that UK field.