Movie personality and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson has advised her colleagues to stop deceiving the public of having all the riches in the world.

The actress said this when she was answering questions with regards to famous people coming back after years of enjoying fame to beg for funds to put body and soul together.

She implied that certainly, not all persons will be successful in the field of entertainment so they must become each other, keepers.

“We should help each other but another thing I will want to say is we entertainers should stop acting like we have the things we don’t have. I know that everything is make-believe but it looks like there’s pressure on entertainers to look a certain way and that’s mounting a lot of pressure on most people in the industry.

Instead of investing in fixed assets, people just want to look a certain way. I know people who are driving Range Rovers but are renting where they live or they sleep and that’s not a smart move because you can purchase land with that Range Rover money.

Invest wisely, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone, you are not owing anyone, you owe your fans good music, good movies, so flaunting what you don’t have and mounting pressure on yourself I think it’s too much. Too much of your energy going to waste,” she said.