It has not been surprising that most congregation leaders in Ghana instantly compose their songs in various churches.

We have seen pastors in Ghana who have composed songs during service without pending for the lyrics. It seems it’s part of their calling.

The leader and founder of Anointed Palace Church(APC), Reverend Obofour hastily composed a song during a service in his church. And it has gone viral on social media. Which almost every netizen appears to be used to do a video, especially on TikTok.

Well, after the song has gone viral on social media and was set to be trending, its lyrics have ultimately been generously written by someone in a book audio-visually.

For those in love with the song to memorize and so they can sing it well. Its composed song against adversaries that wishes people’s failure in life. This song from Rev. Obofour is called 333, 444.

In Ghana, prophet Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom (Prophet 1) is commonly known for composing songs instantly in his church and during a program on his Television station.