Some guys are now vicious and will never let a lady, he’s spent enough money on to go free. No guy nowadays will waste money on a lady and allow her to have her freedom of sex.

As seen on the internet, a video that went viral catches a guy dragging a supposed girlfriend to go and have a taste of her thing. After falling to let him chop her thing.

It could be seen that the guy was aggressively pulling the lady. It, however, tells the guy has spent enough on her but didn’t allow him to taste her p*ssy.

Probably, she had been spending the guy’s money and has been playing him hide and seek. But he didn’t want to allow her to go score free after catching her. He had to forcibly pull her to enter his room.

Forcibly dragging her shows the guy probably was on heat and couldn’t control himself. But had to use any means to chop her, the money spent on her shouldn’t go waste.

This is the hilarious and funniest video seen on the internet, where this guy on heat wanted to chop this lady’s p*ssy.

Watch the video below: