British rapper, Big Shaq arrived with Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo. and they have been lots of fun together.

The duo recently visited a local restaurant, known in Ghanaian parlance as ‘chop bar’,. to have a taste of local food.

Upon getting into the chop bar, the two decided to test their skills on the. preparation of fufu, one of the local delicacies.

In a video shared by Big Shaq, he is seen holding a big pestle. And standing over a big mortar.

The attendants bestowed him some tutorials as to how to pound the fufu. And he started with Miss Majimbo later coming to sit by the mortar to ‘drive’ the fufu.

A few minutes after starting to pound, Big Shaq felt the difficulty in the work. and was heard saying ‘Me Sisi’, which translates as my waist.

At a point, he nearly tore off the Kenyan comedienne’s hand. When she was ‘driving’ the fufu whilst he pounded.

Miss Majimbo also got the chance to pound the fufu for a few seconds. though she could barely handle the heavy pestle.

Their adventure ended in triumph as they eventually. got the fufu prepared. And ate portion which happened to be the Kenyan’s first time eating the Ghanaian delicacy.

Watch the videos as shared on Instagram: