Kumawood Actress and Musician, Yaa Jackson is living her life, not like the teen people used to know.


Yaa Jackson is feeling high as she lights smoke out of her mouth and nose indoors.

It a fact that the daughter of the popular  Kumawood director, Jackson K. Bentum loves to have fun and enjoys herself. Which gives her attention on social media.


Well, she is good at it when it comes to attention-seeking on social media. That appears to be one of her passions. Regularly, she always wants to do what gives rise to her name.


In a new video posted on Instagram, Yaa Jackson is seen excitedly smoking “Shisha” excessively in her room. She never cared about anything. Was smoking it through her mouth and nose like a rastaman who has never smoked a week.

It will not be surprising if she is seen on social media smoking “Weed”. The rate at which the smoke was running through her mouth and nose is at a high level.