Video: Hook-up Lady Confesses To Sleeping With Over 1000 Men


A young Ghanaian lady who is a hook-up has shared her experience in the professional “Ashawo” business.

According to her, she started the hook-up job when she was just a teen and she has revealed several men she has slept with since she got into the business.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on SVTV, the lady who is still in the hook-up business disclosed that she has slept with over 1000 men.


She said most of her customers are Ghanaians although she sometimes meets foreigners including Nigerians people from Lebanon and other parts of the world.

Talking about some of the unfair treatment from her clients, she recounted how she was lured by a man into his house, and upon arrival and sleeping with her, she was forced to sleep with seven other men who were present.

Even after sleeping with all 8 men, she wasn’t paid and was chased out of the house like a thief.

Talking about why she’s still in the hookup business irrespective of the dangers associated with it – She remarked that she can’t quit because she sells her body to pay her rent, food, and other things.

Watch the video below to know more…


Hook-up is a professional name for “Ashawo” which has become common in Africa due to the lack of job opportunities and hardship.


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