Talent Manager and Brand influencer, Ayisha Modi has made an open announcement to proclaim herself as a Nigerian.

Ayisha Modi declared to be a Nigerian because people don’t appreciate her for the support she gives to Ghanaians. But become ungrateful to her after helping them.

According to her, all her support and everything will go to Nigerians because they’re the people who understand and give her respect.

In a lengthy write up on Instagram, the Self-acclaimed industry police stated she cannot stay in her own country[Ghana]. Where ungratefulness is served as food.


PA portion of her Instagram post reads;

Some people come into your life as a blessing. Some come as a lesson.

From henceforth I am no more a Ghanaian, I am welcomed In Nigeria 🇳🇬. All my support, donations and everything will go to Nigerians. They understand and respect humanity. I can’t stay in my own country. where ungratefulness is served as food”.