VIDEO: I Made My Mum Mad Because Of My Pregnancy – Obaapa Zaina Shares Deeper Story

Obaapa Zaina has shared a deeper story into how her mother is suffering in life because of her outrageous actions.

Zaina in a recent interview divulged a moment she got pregnant for different boyfriends that resulted in getting her mum to suffer from a brain difficulty.

According to her in a chit-chat, she is pregnant for two(2) boys but both have neglected her and she is now confused.

Sharing her story with Sammy Kay Media on an episode of. “Come Online”, Zaina who was desperate while sharing her deeper story revealed how she got her mum mad after getting two boys to sire her.

Asked if she currently has a boyfriend, she said, no she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she was having but she lost both of them. Because of what happened.

” No, I don’t have a boyfriend, I was having and I lost both of them because of what happened”.

Because I was dating two(2) guys, they both realized it’s not theirs, because of some, one or two actions. When they come to the area, people tell them that tomorrow this car would come and tomorrow that. So due to that, they got to know there’s something fishy. But that’s not really the burden, my burden now is that my only hope was my mother. I confronted her and told her that I don’t know who is responsible for my pregnancy. So they should forget about frustrating me to bring a man home”. She said.

She further revealed how she got her mother mad.

Due to that, when I told my mum, it didn’t keep, long, it didn’t even get two weeks then she started having mental issues. So right now I feel I put her in that particular place. Up till now, she’s not fine. She is just acting like someone who’s beginning to get mad. That’s my worse fear. I’m just scared of losing her but in some ways, I understand her. Because I’m the only child so she wasn’t expecting this from me and I brought this home. So I just need someone who can assist my mother get better because right now she can’t do anything. She Narrated.

Watch the video below;