VIDEO: I Will Die On Wednesday – Nicholas Omane Acheampong Reveals


Gospel musician Nicholas Omane Acheampong has foreseen the day he will die and how it will happen.

The gospel musician has revealed the exact age he will get before he dies.

Speaking to a congregation in the latest video, he revealed that he will live to be 92 before he will pass away. And he will pass on Wednesday.

“Me, I will be 92 on this earth and before I will die, I will die on Wednesday afternoon. If you want, mark the date”.

He added that on the day he will pass away, he will sing to glorify God before he says goodbye to the world.

“I will sing for God before I die. If I had not met God, my family members would destroy me. One’s enemy is his family members but my blessings are being enjoyed by my family members. Human beings don’t know the end. When you see a poor person, fear him. Human beings don’t know the end, he ended.

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