VIDEO: Lady Goes TikTok Live While Receiving Doggy From Her Boyfriend

Social Media App, TikTok has brought both positive impacts on a few Ghanaian ladies and negative on many.

Some ladies do all sorts of things to get followers, likes and gifts during their live videos on the now-popular social media Application.

Most of the youths have decorated social media with useless activities for the public. And the extent to which most uses social media is unbearable.

In a new video, seen on the internet by,  a beautiful lady with an abnormal mind went live on the social media App. And she was doing the unthinkable stuff.

She was receiving it behind from her boyfriend while live on the social media App and she felt unshamed. Her abnormal mind was on the gifts she will get from the viewers.

As seen in the video and per the description given, she was apparently being given a hard nooky from her behind by the boyfriend/man.

Unashamedly, the lady enjoyed the big joystick as her eyes turned and her face went into the moaning mood throughout the live stream session.


Watch the video below…




Martin Botwe

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