Ghanaian best rapper, Sarkodie, known privately as Michael Owusu Addo has disclosed how his wife Tracy SarkCess used to give excuses during the days of friendship.

He has taken to social media to recount the moment Track SarkCess was giving him excuses when he wanted them to meet and have fun together.

This happens to almost every guy when you begin to love a lady and you one day invite her over to your house, then she will be giving excuses. When she thinks something will happen.

Sarkodie has recounted how his wife used to give him thin excuses whenever he asks her to come over so they spend some time together.

Although he never voiced it out on his own, he shared a video on his Twitter page which captured the moment a nervous man invoked curses on his girlfriend who refused to see him and had to postpone their meeting.

In his caption, Sarkodie revealed that the actions of the lady in the video remind him of how his dear wife used to give such excuses to escape his company.

Watch the video below: