Whoever thought it will happen that Pope Skinny will beg Shatta Wale after years of their difference. It was not expected one will throw away pride and ask for forgiveness.

But today there is a shocking video of Pope Skinny who has done away with arrogance. And he asking for forgiveness from his former friend shatta wale.

Pope Skinny Makes it clear that the way or how they used to be in the past, so many people loved it. So they should come back to their friendship and forget everything that happened.

We can recall that on so many occasions that Pope Skinny drops so. Many private secrets of Shatta Wale to the public. In a recent interview, Pope had with actor, Kwaku Manu outside Ghana, he released a secret lifestyle and how he took Bandana(Shatta Wale) to Adom FM’s studio, the first time for Kasahari. At that time Pope Skinny was the host of the program.

In the latest video, Pope Skinny has asked Shatta Wale to forget everything so they’ll become the good friends which they used to be then.

‘‘Wale, let us forget everything, the way we were was admired by many, what one person has said or not said does not matter, if within your heart you believe I have not done anything bad against you, I feel the same way. Let’s cut things short and go back to being friends,”

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See video below;