VIDEO: Young Boy Hides Inside Aeroplane’s Engine To Escape From Africa, Caught By Police

This young boy who was caught and saved by the police was unhappy living in Africa and wanted to leave so he managed to travel abroad by hiding inside the engine of an aeroplane

A video which is in a circulation on social media captures a young boy descending from the aeroplane’s wings with a backpack containing his belongings.

Well, It is not clear which airport the incident occurred but a video disseminated on Instagram shows police officers instructing the boy to come out from the flight’s engine.

With a lot of hesitation, he descended into the waiting arms of the security operatives.

He was lucky that he was found out early enough before the aeroplane’s engine was ignited because he was hiding where the propeller is.

Video shared on IG was captioned with the text below:

“He was caught in there trying to escape from Africa. Apparently, he’s tired and wants to travel abroad, so he sneaked into the airport and hid in there. That place he hid in is actually dangerous, that’s where the fan or na propeller is Oo! abi no be so? I hope he wasn’t arrested sha. People are really going through a lot. I hope he’s okay wherever he is. You will travel abroad someday, but not like this. You have to go through the right process. It is well,” Tunde Ednut captioned the video.

Meanwhile, some followers of Tunde Ednut’s Instagram page have been reacting to the incident with some urging that the youngster be consoled and counseled rather than be condemned.

Some people also said it was good they detected him early because his shenanigan did not pose danger to him alone but to passengers too if the plane had taken off.