We Won’t Allow Akufo-Addo To Build The So-Called National Cathedral, Stop Dreaming About It – Nana Yeboah


Kumawood actor Felix Nana Yeboah, well known as Nana Yeboah has said people should stop dreaming about the national cathedral project.

‘We won’t allow President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to build the so-called National Cathedral with public money while our roads are left in a deplorable state’.

According to him, it is unwise for the president to build a Cathedral when people suffer with the unemployment rate increasingly worsening.

“We won’t allow him to build it. Even if you have already laid the foundation for it, go and cover it. Also if you have laid your blocks, go and sell them. Because we can’t allow you to build a Cathedral while our roads continue to deteriorate. Common toothpicks we are not able to produce, yet we are going to use such an amount to build a temple, is not right. It’s not going to help”, Nana Yeboah said on Ghanaman TV during a show hosted by himself dubbed “Kanawu”.

It is barely two and a half years for President Nana Akufo Addo to end his two terms for a new person to succeed him as required by the constitution of Ghana.

It is unclear whether he would be able to accomplish his personal promise to God of building him a Cathedral.

Questions are being raised that he is not able to complete the project whether or not his successors continue.

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