Many people, especially Christians have a belief that the wearing of make-up is wrong and it should not be embraced by the Gospel artistes.

In Ghana, most female Gospel artistes have been bashed for wearing or putting on make-up. It’s on the minds of people that it’s sin to wear make-up.

Ghanaian Gospel singer, Obaapa Christy has a different opinion about make-up. To her, its important to live a life to please God. There is nothing wrong to wear make-up.

Speaking with Nana Romeo on Accra100.FM, Obaapa Christy said the most essential thing for a Christian is to live a life that pleases God.

Everything I have is by grace, even my make-up, which I do myself,” she explained.

“Someone once warned me that Make-up was terrible and evil and that people who used it would go to hell, yet she is the one who now wears heavy Make-up. And exposes her hands and cleavage.”

What I’m trying to communicate is that watch what you say; just because you don’t know how to apply makeup doesn’t mean it’s terrible. What determines whether something is good or terrible is the motivation behind it. Even though I’ve put on make-up and am speaking to God’s children, I haven’t made up to sin to glorify God.”