Numerous marriages and dating relationships end years before the two lovers meet. Exposure to a value system that emphasizes material accumulation has a direct impact on our development as children. We develop an early capacity for self-control over our material things.

This exercise awakens and strengthens our selfish character as we age. We develop the belief that we may do anything we want with our stuff, including my wife, my spouse, my money, my toys, my bike, my vehicle, my lady, my guy, and mine, mine, mine!

We feel subconscious that these items are our slaves and should be at our beck and call or fulfil a certain purpose for us. We feel offended at any moment when our belongings do not correspond to our wants or expectations. The fact is that these objects, particularly human people, are not our property.

We want our partners to take a back seat to our wishes. This is the point at which a strong marriage or dating relationship begins to deteriorate.

The root of today’s marital and dating relationship difficulties is our reliance on traditions and false promises made by others and organizations that benefit from our aspirations and desires.

We have been trained to think that institutions are held to a higher standard and do not fall into the same category as individuals driven by self-interest; but, they do! On the Internet, there are over 400,000 marital counsellors, courses, and therapy sessions.

For a price, marriage counsellors claim to have the remedy. Do you believe they are concerned about the state of your marriage or dating relationship?

The judicial arm of government is accusing the legislative branch of wrongdoing. The legislative branch is blaming the judiciary, while Christian groups are collaborating with social scientists in order to qualify for government funds to reconstruct marriages. Where is the remedy?

Marriage is the basic social institution that is ingrained in all communities. To sustain and protect marriage as an institution, we must put a premium on truth. The institution of marriage should not be founded on outdated traditions. Marriage must be founded on a solid foundation of truth, integrity, sacrifice, and collaboration, mutually suppressing our wishes and ideas.

Individuals that begin a dating relationship or marriage with conflicting intentions, namely to satisfy their individual goals, will have a disastrous dating relationship or marriage. Both parties must recognize that their own goals and ideas are the farthest thing from reality.

The truth is defined as what exists in the present moment or as an occurrence in the past. The truth is neither what one believes will occur in the future, nor is it what one believes should have occurred or might have occurred.

Falsehood, the pursuit of personal wants, and the imposition of one’s views on another are all harmful aspects of all relationships and marriages.

It is past time for us to confront the facts and embrace a new attitude on dating and marital companionship. We must shift our viewpoint and consider why living in peace is such a monumental endeavor.

Then we may begin to live happily ever after by using the genuine meaning of love and unity!