It has been trending and still trending on social media after a video of actress Moesha Buduong worshiping and praising God in the church came out the last week.


Yesterday, on 12th July 2021 another video of the actress giving testimony. And preaching in an uncompleted building popped up. The video was first posted by  Kobby Kye, a blogger of Kobby Kye News. Which has been trending and has become the talk of the town.

Well, truth or not, a playing game has been revealed somewhere by a movie director and producer.

Multiple award-winning scriptwriter, movie director, and movie producer, Destiny Austin Omom has revealed that. Moesha Buduong’s brand had faded out,. And she needed to rebrand herself to be in the trend because of an upcoming movie. Which features her.

The movie director took to social media to let it out when he posted artwork of an upcoming movie. that featured Moesha as part of the characters. And applauded her for setting the trend.


He posted artwork of the movie titled “The Inner Woman” which features Peter Richie, Boahemaa Mma Kali, Vicky Zugah, and Moesha Buduong, and captioned:

You are Trending again…Job well done Bebe…. called show biz….when a brand fails Rebranding is allowed.

Until further explanation from either Moesha Buduong or the movie director, we are not in any position to say Moesha’s repentance is fake.