Traditional trap artist, Bosom P-Yung is disappointed in Lord Paper for deleting his verse from his new song “Skin Pain”. Which features Mr Drew.

According to P-Yung Lord Paper should have called to inform him first before deleting his verse from the song. shared his setback on Twitter, which wrote

If you go delete me from this song top aaa at least tell me err. U be yawa boy waaa Ano expect this from you

Lord Paper replied to him when he chanced on Bossom P-Yung’s setback tweet. His response was P-Yung has his number so he could have called to find out whatever he wanted to find out. Instead of Bringing it on social media.

You get ma number, you fit hit me up and find out whatever you wan find out but you choose to come online and start some shi! SMH.

Bosom P-Yung came with the second response to Lord Paper.

My guy what u dey talk no? U had my number did u call to tell me you are deleting my verse? So make u no talk about number matter ebe online i cme see. U do yawa‼️

This has become back and forth between Lord Paper and Bosom P-Yung on Twitter,

The ” Skin Pain” is a new High Life song from Lord Paper featuring the Highly Spiritual artist, Mr Drew.

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