A Nigerian guy has made a revelation of Actress Yvonne Okoro making him do a dreadful thing.

According to this Nigerian guy, The actress was able to make him do things which are terrible.

His comment comes after folk were comparing Yvonne Nelson and Yvonne Okoro on social media.

When a guy said, Only Hot girls knew the serious battle of sexiness between Van Vicker and Majid Michael and Jackie Appiah versus Nadia Buhari.

This Nigerian guy quoted the tweet and shared the horrible things, he’s done because of the actress, Yvonne Okoro.

Quoting the tweet, he wrote;

Yvonne Okoro had the power to make me sell my father’s house, my 2 kidneys and use my left hand for money rituals.

Well, it could be a movie role the Nigerian guy played with her in one of the her movies or anything else.

Chinyere Yvonne Okoro is a Ghanaian-Nigerian actress. Born to a Nigerian dad and Ghanaian mother, Yvonne Okoro is of mixed lineage and calls herself an African.

Yvonne Okoro is from Koforidua in the Eastern Parts of Ghana She has received many awards.